Our wooden pellets production have ENplus certificate since year 2013. 
This certifies that our 6 mm premium pellets meet the requirements of EN 14961-2, i.e. that they are a high quality product. This certificate also proves that the entire pellet production process complies with all requirements. 


Since 2004 our enterprise has been FSC-certified and so we are doing our share for sustainable forestry. We offer FSC-timber products at client’s request and for larger orders. Products made from FSC-timber have been marked in the product catalogues with FSC logo. 

Palmako AS public policy regarding exclusion of illegal and controversial timber: 

It is the policy of AS Palmako to avoid using wood that has been illegally harvested; wood from genetically modified trees; wood from areas where traditional or civil rights are violated; and wood from uncertified high conservation value old-growth forests, as described in the current FSC PBC policy, when applying the FSC policy. 

We have appointed a contact person responsible for implementing this policy. Our purchasing manager can be contacted regarding any aspects of this policy for clarification. Present policy is public and provided to anybody upon request. Our purchasing manager is willing to explain the background for this policy to any interested party.

If we are informed by third parties based on solid evidence that any of our suppliers are providing us with illegal or controversial timber, we promise to promptly take appropriate actions. Actions may include stopping purchases from such sources or follow up activities with the supplier to explain our policy and avoid future cases. 

We encourage outside parties to contact us if it becomes known that timber supplied to us is illegal or originating from unacceptable sources. We are committed to paying attention to any such claim that is sufficiently backed up by evidence.