Palmako produces 6 mm diameter "premium" wood pellets. In production, we use the best possible raw materials like solid wood sawdust, wood chips and wood blocks that remain after the processing of wood.
We started production of pellets at the end of 2012 and by now the plant has a capacity of 8 tons per hour, which will make up to 60,000 tons of wood pellets annually.

In early May 2013 the certification process of AS Palmako’s pellet production came to an end, resulting in an ENplus certificate for our factory. This certifies that our 6 mm premium pellets meet the requirements of EN 14961-2, i.e. that they are a high quality product. This certificate also proves that the entire pellet production process complies with all requirements.

In September 2013, a Fisker line was installed to pack pellets in small-bags. One bag contains 15 kg of pellets; one pallet holds 65 bags, with a total weight of 975 kg.